English Country Dance Band

Mr Beveridge's Maggot is the famous English country dance that is often seen in films depicting Regency-period dramas, such as the Jane Austen novels, and dancers all over the world are now enjoying this 18th-century favorite. This recording matches the dance structure in the film "Pride and Prejudice." Syllabub, a trio with violin, piano, and recorder, conveys the gracious, sweeping, stately feeling of the dance. The trio--Mara Shea (violin), Julie Gorka (piano), and Walt Robinson (recorders) are well-known as musicians for English country dance occasions. Enjoy!


A kaleidoscope of lyrical and lovely waltzes, new and old, for dancing or listening--beautifully played by Mara Shea on violin and Julie Gorka on piano, with Dean Herington on clarinet, Ted Ehrhard on violin, and Walt Robinson on recorder.